Measuring Up – Extends a Helping Hand in these challenging times

Use these Measuring Up Lesson Packs that are pulled from our current program.

Each subject and grade offer 3 complete lessons that you can use in your e-learning models.

Print and/or use online to support your efforts to provide virtual classroom instruction.

The Try It Out sample features:

  • 3 full student lessons with complete Teacher Edition lesson
  • 1 full Table of Contents for your grade level
  • Correlation to the standards

Developed to meet the rigor of the standards, Measuring Up employs support for using and applying critical thinking skills with direct standards instruction that elevate and engage student thinking.

Standards-based lessons feature introductions that set students up for success with:

  • Vocabulary in Action
  • Relevant real-world connections
  • Clearly identified learning goals
  • Connections to prior-learning

Guided Instruction and Independent Learning strengthen learning with:

  • Deep thinking prompts
  • Collaborative learning
  • Self-evaluation
  • Demonstration of problem-solving logic
  • Application of higher-order thinking

Flexible design meets the needs of whole- or small-group instruction. Use for:

  • Introducing standards
  • Reinforcement or standards review
  • Intervention
  • Remediation

Extend learning with online digital resources!

Measuring Up Live 2.0 blends instructional print resources with online, dynamic assessment and practice. Meet the needs of all students for standards mastery with resources that pinpoint student needs with customized practice.

Measuring Up

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Measuring Up Books
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Measuring Up to the English Language Arts Standards
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Measuring Up to the Mathematics Standards
Grade 3
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Grade 7
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Measuring Up to the Next Generation Science Standards
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 8

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