Using Rapid Formative Assessments to Prevent the Failure to Learn

Teacher & Student

We have all heard the common feedback buzz words . . .

targeted, specific, goal oriented, task-oriented, timely, self-regulation specific, process-oriented, descriptive

The most powerful form of FEEDBACK includes these points:

  • Student to Teacher.
  • Feedback is dialogue, not monologue.
  • “Think of Feedback that is received not given” (John Hattie)
  • Feedback always needs, “where to next?” or it is useless.

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Measuring Up is a great option when looking for a program that supports stellar instructional delivery, designs prescriptive practice, and delivers customized high-quality assessments. Measuring Up Live is a state-customized digital program that that can support a teacher in delivering rapid formative assessment and adaptive practice options to support standards mastery. This supplemental program delivers quality tools and supports an implementation of a data-driven instructional model that yields student achievement.

To learn more about Measuring Up and how it helps students to build standards mastery and student engagement, visit us at today!

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