Measuring Up Live

Measuring Up Live
Measuring Up Live
Measuring Up Live

Measuring Up Live

Online Diagnostic and Formative Assessments | Digital Instruction | Adaptive Practice

Reading, Math, and Science for Grades 1–8

Pricing starts at $11.95 per Student!
Measuring Up Insight

Measuring Up Insight

LA Student Standards-based assessment platform that can be used for ongoing assessment throughout the year in a variety of ways:

  • Diagnostic
  • Benchmarking
  • Progress-monitoring
  • Formative
  • Exit ticket opportunities
  • LEAP 2025 practice tests
Insight Report on Tablet
Pricing starts at $10.95 per Student!
Measuring Up Insight

Measuring Up MyQuest

Differentiated, adaptive, LA Student Standards-driven practice is designed to meet students at their level with content that adapts based on their performance.

  • Adaptive
  • Personalized
  • Prescribed
  • Formative
  • Motivational
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Pricing starts at $1299 for Site License
Measuring Up Insight

Measuring Up Reach

NEW! Measuring Up Reach eBook provides flexibility to access all Measuring Up lessons in a digital format.

  • Teacher and student access available
  • Use lessons during virtual learning and incorporate into interactive teaching
  • Efficiently delivers collaborative and independent learning activities
  • Deliver teacher led instruction (whole class or small group)

Collaborative and independent practice options:

  • Students view lesson on screen and write answers on a separate piece of paper. Student takes picture and send to teacher.
  • Lessons can be made editable using Google sheets (delivery via Google Classroom using snippet of images or Kami via Google Classroom or Schoology, Canvas.
Measuring Up Insight Item Bank

One site license opens up the entire subject area and includes:

  • More than 66,000 LA Student Standards-aligned questions organized by LA Student Standards and student expectation
  • Difficulty levels identified for all questions
  • Higher-level questions that match the rigor of the LEAP 2025 assessments
  • Ability to edit and print your custom assessments
  • Hundreds of content-area items including various genres, text types, DOK levels, and graphic images
  • NEW—easy way to find paired passages
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Measuring Up Books
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Measuring Up Works!

National Dropout Prevention Center evaluated the effectiveness of Measuring Up and measured significant impact to learning outcomes.

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Measuring Up

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